Kent Tate: Spiral Single Channel movie. Video & Music: Kent Tate 2:22

Moving Images & Music: Kent Tate. After an abnormally warm and dry winter, conditions in the Spring of 2016 were ideal for the potential of sudden and catastrophic fires in the sub-Arctic Boreal forests of western Canada. On May 1 an unprecedented fire broke out north of the town of Fort McMurray, the center of Alberta’s Oil Sands. The huge fire destroyed parts of that town and ground the economic activity of the area to a halt. As well, thick smoke hovered throughout the Prairies and didn’t clear until a series of storms washed the smoke away. These storms continued one after an other throughout the summer contributing to one of the wettest, mildest summers on record.

On July 22, 2016, a dramatic hailstorm struck southwestern Saskatchewan and southeastern Alberta. The day before was a picture perfect prairie summer day.

For most of human history atmospheric carbon dioxide was 275 parts per million (+/- 10 ppm). At the beginning of the 20th Century CO2 levels were 280 ppm. In 1956 when daily measurements began at the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii CO2 levels were 315 ppm. As of April 22, 2017( Earth Day) the CO2 level was at 410 ppm and rising.