Kent Tate: Landing Sites Preview - Single Channel movie. Moving images & sound design - Kent Tate 5:00

There are places that we seek, and there are places that find us. One can never know for sure which comes first; the seeking or the finding. Often the unexpected moment occurs, the unforeseen discovery. Landing Sites: Truck on a house - Car drifting on a flooded plain - Signs flying over a lake - A super storm engulfs a building - Ghost train - Lightening strikes a plywood structure - Rail yard secured by a fire fighter - Electrical discharge in central city - Outskirts of prairie dog town.

Filmed on location in southern Saskatchewan, Canada. The exception is the now extinct Dunes Casino sign which I filmed in Las Vegas, Nevada before it was imploded.

Ghost train: Group exhibition, SOFA CHICAGO, Chicago, USA - Light Box Art Gallery, New York City, USA

 Distributed by the Winnipeg Film Group