Kent Tate: Circumstances with some Earth & Sky Director, cinematographer & sound design - Kent Tate 9:25   CV

Moving Images & Music: Kent Tate. Circumstances with some Earth & Sky (Super 8, Hi 8, Mini DV, HDV)

We move, we pause, we do, we don’t. The actions that occupy most of our time during a typical day are aimed at maintaining our basic needs with whatever means are at our disposal. From these actions we produce artifacts that are indicators of what our concerns are at a certain time and at a certain place. 

What these actions and artifacts don’t necessarily tell us about is that inner world of personal imagination that everyone has in their possession. We can describe the surface of what we see around us with relative ease while the individual motives for why one does this, or does not do that remains mysterious and largely unknown to anyone other than the person having the actual experience.

Casting such a big shadow over this planet, our actions have altered the air, soil and water in ways that are re-shaping the course of Earth's evolution. Certain ideologies combined with well ingrained cultural practices are driving this, although it is the accumulation of seemingly inconsequential actions played out over and over, that will reveal this era’s lasting presence.

Merging elements of dystopia and utopia “Circumstances with some Earth & Sky” is a recollection of various separate yet coexisting worlds that I encountered during the first part of the 21st Century. At this time I also found a variety of natural landscapes and some occasional animals in the wild that caught my attention. 

Filmed on location by Kent Tate: Canada; British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba, Yukon - USA; California, Nevada, Montana, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Washington, Oregon, Alaska - Mexico: Baja California - Hawaii: Oahu, Island of Hawaii

Official Selection: Currents, International Film and New Media Festival, Santa Fe, USA
Official Selection: ISEA, 18th International Symposium on Electronic Art, Albuquerque, USA
Official Selection: Reel Rave International Film Festival, Waskesiu Lake, Canada 
Official Selection: Filmpool Cooperative, Annual Premiere Screening, Regina, Canada
Official Selection: MediaNet's Celebration of BC Media Art, Victoria, Canada