Kent Tate: Circumstances with some Earth & Sky Single Channel movie. Moving Images & Music - Kent Tate 12:57

Circumstances with some Earth & Sky: Various industrial views, everyday sights, common activities and animals in the wild.. Filmed on location in Canada; Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Yukon, Northwest Territories, the United States; California, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, and Mexico; Baja California.

Casting such a big shadow over this planet, our actions have altered the air, soil and water in ways that are re-shaping the course of Earth's evolution. Certain ideologies combined with well ingrained cultural practices are driving this, although it is the accumulation of seemingly inconsequential actions played out over and over, that will reveal this era’s lasting presence.

Official Selection (Part 3): Currents 2012:The Santa Fe International Film and New Media Festival, Santa Fe, New Mexico - ISEA 2012 Machine Wilderness-18th International Symposium on Electronic Art, Albuquerque, New Mexico - Reel Rave International Film Festival, Waskesiu Lake, Saskatchewan.

 Distributed by the Winnipeg Film Group