Kent Tate is an award winning Canadian artist/filmmaker whose work explores the dichotomy between tranquility and activity in our natural and manufactured worlds. Time, motion and stillness are intertwined through Tate's work to act like a fulcrum upon which the environmental, social and philosophical aspects of his projects are held in dynamic balance. Tate has been exhibited/screened internationally at film/new media festivals, symposiums, juried screenings/exhibitions, and solo gallery exhibitions/tours.

Kent Tate: PENEPLAIN (preview clip no.1)

Born in Rivers, Manitoba, Tate is currently based in British Columbia where in 2019 he completed a suite of four new films: Sensors - Carbon Sky - Furnace - Cornucopia. From 2016 - 2018 he filmed in the interior of British Columbia, observing and recording the interactions of shadow and light that co-exist in its natural and manufactured worlds. In that time over 25000 square kilometres of land was destroyed during two record breaking wildfire seasons.

For seven years Kent Tate lived in southwest Saskatchewan prior to re-locating to Brtisih Columbia. During that time he recorded an enormous amount of footage that chronicled his impressions of this vast and beautiful region, impressions that are both actual and fictional, imagined and real. His films since that time have received international recognition with screenings in London, Paris, New York and Berlin as well as nationally recognized screenings across Canada.

In “PENEPLAIN” Tate doesn't employ overt political arguments; he prefers a subversive poetic strategy to express his concerns about the dilemma/crisis he believes we are in. Organized by AGSC with curator, Kim Houghtaling the "Peneplain" is an exhibition with Eleven Movies: The Sun Comes out at Night - Isolated Gestures - Landing Sites - Pressure & Release - A Tree Gets in the Way - Nautilus - A Lake & A Field - Prairie Grizzly’s Peneplain -Turbulence - Sightings - Res

The movies in this exhibition are intended to be viewed as individual scenes in a multi-channel installation, or as cinematic sequences in a single-channel movie. These movies can be experienced with sound, or in silence, continuously looped, or in a single view. For Tate this exhibition is meant to be part refuge, part laboratory; a place where the viewer can explore time and space while navigating these various separate yet coexisting worlds.